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Judi Epstein
National Association of Professional Organization and National Association of Professional Women

The seasoned professionals at Ducks In A Row will come to your house or business and give you a free estimate of what it would take to organize your life or work. We will not judge you or critique you. We will simply outline a plan for creating order out of any amount of chaos--small or large--and get to work.


"Judi is everything and more…truly a lifesaver. She makes every effort to hear what the client wants and needs accomplished and then puts together a straightforward plan for accomplishing it. She is wonderfully personable, honest, and employs the highest levels of personal and professional integrity."

About Us

Work with an experienced, creative professional who is focused on your needs.

Ducks In A Row is owned by Judi Epstein, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and the National Association of Professional Women. Since 2004, Ducks In A Row has served a variety of clients with organizational and scheduling needs ranging from small to enormous. We have set up offices, created filing systems, implemented bill-pay systems, assembled tax documents, overhauled kitchens and storage spaces, coordinated short- and long-distance home and office moves, and much more.

  • Judi's talent for organization has served her well throughout her career. Before launching Ducks In A Row, Judi
  • was a scheduler for a presidential candidate and numerous politicians,
  • served as a tax accountant for a major accounting firm,
  • ran a senatorial campaign,
  • operated a successful event and meeting planning business.
  • Judi is skilled at
  • working with all kinds of people under all kinds of circumstances,
  • finding creative ways to be efficient and accurate in high-pressure situations,
  • assessing the project at hand, and creating a logical process for completing it,
  • building personalized organizational systems that work for each particular client by understanding what they are comfortable with and what works for them.

Take the first step toward organizing your life so you can feel better, work better, and live better in your own home.
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