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Judi Epstein
National Association of Professional Organization and National Association of Professional Women

Q: I’m not sure what I need. Where should I start?

A: We will give you a free estimate of the work you want done  When you call us we will arrange for a mutually convenient time to visit your home or office, assess the situation.and estimate how long we think it might take. You do not have to commit to doing everything at once. You can ask us to start small or take care of everything.

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Start on the path to an organized, stress-free life.

The seasoned professionals at Ducks In A Row will come into your house or business and give you a free estimate of what it would take to organize your life.

We will not judge you or critique your house or your stuff. We will simply outline a plan for creating order out of any amount of chaos--small or large--and get to work.

Contacting us is the first step toward organizing your life so you can feel better, work better, and live better in your home or office.

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I'll take time to help you visualize your home or office as you want it to be. Then we can develop a plan to get you there. I don't show up with cookie-cutter plans — everything is personalized for your needs. Let's get started!