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Judi Epstein
National Association of Professional Organization and National Association of Professional Women


I am very pleased to recommend Judi. I had the opportunity to employ her services recently for a bookkeeping project for my business.  Judi was able to make sense of the complete mess I handed over to her.  She not only finished the job ahead of schedule and under budget, but she kept me continually updated on her progress. She handed off a set of books that were clear and organized and even set me up with a system to continue the work myself. I would not hesitate to utilize her services again.”
—Jay K


Executives waste 6 weeks per year searching for lost documents.
Fast Company Magazine

Business Services

You got into business to provide a service to your clients, not to organize paperwork!

Let Ducks In A Row handle the paperwork for you by creating systems, specifically for the way you work, that will  make your business run more efficiently.

Do you rejoice at all the clients and projects you have, but bemoan the chaos this has created in your organization? Do you bill clients and suppliers late because the invoices have been set aside and now are buried under stacks of papers? Is a client on the way but you panic because you can't find her file? Do you only have a vague idea of your revenues and expenses month to month?

Ducks In A Row is here to help.  We can train you and/or your staff in using systems that will corral the chaos, boost your efficiency and improve your bottom line by:

  • Setting up an electronic system such as Quickbooks to track income and expenses,
  • Creating filing systems, both paper and electronic, that allow you to find anything at a moment’s notice,
  • Starting a contact tracking system for clients and prospects,
  • Organizing your materials for tax filing,
  • Producing financial reports,
  • Reorganizing your space to maximize efficiency,
  • Solving whatever problem you present.

Does this describe you?

When I need to see the July expense report,

  1. I find the file in the break room next to the box of doughnuts.
  2. The expense report turns up an hour later during a random search of my computer hard drive.
  3. I find the receipts crammed into an envelope under a pile of files on my desk.

Sounds like you need to call Ducks In A Row...

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