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We can organize, research pricing, advertise and even find an auctioneer if that's what the estate requires.


If you're in possession of a household with enough furnishings to outfit a small condo, you have the basis for a true "Estate Sale".

Many households contain no antiques at all. Some of the most exciting and noteworthy sales are those with everyday items, interesting collections of books, cameras, pottery & the like.

Estate & Yard Sales

Feeling overwhelmed with all the details of holding an estate sale? We can provide the expertise you need.

Organizing a yard sale can be tricky if you don't know how to sort, price and advertise. Let us guide you through the process.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are most often held after someone dies.  They may also be the best course of action for a long-distance move, a divorce or a bankruptcy. An estate sale can be a way to pay off bills or finance life changes by selling possessions that are no longer needed.

Ducks In A Row can help you:

  • Select an auctioneer or a professional estate sale agent if needed.
  • Organize the items to be sold
  • Assess the value of items,
  • Organize items for display,
  • Publicize the sale,
  • Make sure everything runs smoothly when potential buyers arrive,
  • Clear out the house at the end of the sale.

Yard Sales

Who couldn’t use a pocket-full of cash, and a clutter-free home.  We’ll work with you to identify items to put into the yard sale  and what items to keep, donate, or trash.  Then we’ll help you navigate the sometimes tricky rules and best practices to deal with your eager customers.

Ducks In A Row will:

  • Organize your items into categories to improve sales,
  • Price items to "yard sale" standards,
  • Create signs that comply with local rules,
  • Set up rules on accepting checks and “holds.”
  • Help you create "rules" for the sale ( early birds, letting people in your home,
  • Gather supplies you will need to have an easy "checkout" process
  • Set up a "try-before-you-buy" items  area (extension cords, batteries, bulbs)
  • Clean up after your successful sale.
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We won't let your sale be lost in the crowd.

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