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Judi Epstein
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Judi always goes the extra mile to make sure that everything is done correctly and to the client’s satisfaction. After suffering a stroke, I hired Judi to help me handle household duties and untangle the numerous medical bills stemming from my and my husband’s illnesses. Judi jumped right in and took over bill paying, bringing order to my less than sufficient and organized filing system, arranged a network of people to provide transportation for me to doctors appointments, physical therapy, and much, much more.”
—Barbara B.


The work of care giving for an aging parent is usually happening on an employer's time, which is reducing an employee's ability to remain fully present and productive in the workplace.
Senior Care Management

As internet use among Senior Citizens increases, so does their chance to fall victim to internet fraud. Also, if you are age 60 or older, you may be a special target for people who sell bogus products and services by phone.
State Financial Regulators Roundtable

Bills & Finances

Ease your worries about an aging parent.
Eliminate the stress of keeping your own finances in order.

Ducks In A Row has years of experience in tax accounting and financial paperwork. Late fees can multiply when bills are scattered among piles of paper and stuffed into random drawers. Tax deductions are lost when receipts are lost.Decoding health care bills and insurance forms seem to require an advanced degree. Helping an aging family member can become a second job. We are skilled in working with all ages and financial circumstances.

Let Ducks In A Row take over these jobs for you:

  • Organizing files that fit the way you think,
  • Setting up tracking systems, either in paper or electronic formats.
  • Explaining health-care bills so you can understand them,
  • Filing insurance claims and making calls to fix problems,
  • Organizing receipts and papers for tax filing,
  • Setting up bill paying systems.

We can come in for a one-time set up, or provide service based on a regular schedule that suits your needs.

Read Our Success Story: Tracking Down Missing Expenses.

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We can set up your bill-paying and financial tracking systems.