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Q: I’m afraid you might throw our something important.  How can I make sure you don’t?

A: We will never throw away or discard anything without your permission. When we go through your things, we will sort it into piles according to our recommendations for what you might do with it, and then invite you to review everything before we take anything out of your house.

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The average American spends one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items at home and in the office.
US News and World Report

Success Stories

Think that your mess can't be organized? Wonder how Ducks In A Row would be able to help you? Read these success stories and imagine how your own problems can be solved.

Cross-country Move

Coordinate a move from Washington, DC to Ohio. Not just from one house to another but from three locations going to several different places--new home, storage unit, charity donation.

What We Did

  • Solicited bids from moving and storage companies and made a cost-effective choice.
  • Sorted items in condo according to whether they were going to storage, Ohio, charity, or remaining in the unit until it was sold.
  • Packed items from storage in DC and those moving to Ohio in different colored moving boxes to avoid things going to the wrong place. 
  • Scheduled move for items to remain in storage here.
  • Arranged for POD to be delivered to hold items going to Ohio that were not needed in condo during sale period. 
  • Arranged for final move of all possessions remaining to Ohio when condo sold.

Everything went smoothly; everything ended up in the correct place. The client was thrilled and able to settle in quickly in her new home.

Bed Bug Elimination

Prepare apartment for pest control company to treat for bed bugs and avoid eviction.

The catch: Client’s apartment was particularly cluttered, with one to two feet of clothing covering the floors, and a bedroom so full of boxes and clutter that the door would barely open.  The client hadn’t slept in the bed for years.

The work had to be completed in three days or the client would be evicted.

What We Did

  • Sorted and packed everything into labeled garbage bags.
  • Arranged and supervised removal of all upholstered furniture. 
  • Hired housekeeping service to scrub apartment from top to bottom.

Six pest treatments and five weeks later, the apartment was ready to be put back in order.

  • Oversaw delivery of new furniture.
  • Examined every possession with client and decided whether to keep, sell, or donate.
  • Organized items in closets, cabinets, and storage area.

The apartment looks great and client has a new attitude. She continues to work with us monthly to keep up the new system and has hired a housekeeper to help with cleaning.

Overflowing Creative Juices

Develop systems to manage the tremendous amount of paper generated by a prolific poet.

What We Did

  • Talked extensively with client about to develop a paper management system that made sense to her.
  • Sorted poems into three-ring binders by year.
  • Brought in Elfa storage units to house office supplies and books.
  • Rearranged and categorized books.
  • Worked with client to select books and items to donate to charity.
  • Created a designated location in the office to house future donations.  When it is full, the client takes them to the charity, etc.

Client enjoys working in a more organized space and no longer spends hours looking for lost work.

Tracking Down Missing Expenses

Create a system to track business expenses and file receipts, contracts, and other critical documents.

What We Did

  • Set up Quickbooks for the business.
  • Entered income into Quickbooks.
  • Gathered receipts, checked for duplication, and entered expenses into Quickbooks.
  • Linked Quickbooks to online banking program.
  • Produced financial reports.

Client can spend more time growing a successful business with confidence that sound financial systems are in place.

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